Shure QLXD 4
Fås i rack med 2 eller 4 kanaler inkl antenne disb.

Digital UHF Wireless-System with pocket transmitter for guitar and bass, 24bit/48 KHz Audiosignal, AES-256 Advanced  Encryption Standard encoding, up to 72 MHz bandwidth, 22 compatible channels per 8 MHz TV-Band, switchable transmitted power 1/10 mW, 120 dB dynamic range, metall pocket transmitter with 4 pin TQG connector, 9,5″ metall receiver, removeable BNC-antennas, ethernet-connection for Wireless Workbench and configuration, IR frequency and setting transmission, XLR/jack out, transmitter works with SB 900 Lithium Ionen rechargeable battery Technology, optional also with 1,5V AA batteries, frequencyrange H51 (534-598 MHz), incl. PS23 powersupply, WA302 guitarcable and Rackmount